As Tasmanian as apple pie

With the cooler weather well and truly here, there’s nothing more satisfying and indulgent than tucking into a freshly baked warm apple pie.

From the golden flaky pastry to the sweet and moreish apple filling, it’s where art and nature meet to create culinary magic.

But there is more to the perfect homemade apple pie than meets the eye.

In our opinion, the best apple pies begin with deliciously sweet and crunchy Tasmanian apples.

Blessed with a cooler climate and fertile soils, Tasmania is a gastronomes paradise. Home to a variety of sophisticated, full flavoured, food-loving wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which pair perfectly with the state’s fine local produce.

Known as the Apple Isle, the apple industry is at the heart of Tasmania’s food heritage, with the first tree planted by Captain William Bligh – Captain James Cook’s right hand man – in the 1700s.

Today, the Apple Isle is as impressive as ever, punching well above its weight by producing 18% of Australia’s apples.

Now that you know the most delicious and crisp apples are found in picturesque Tasmania, its time to start baking.

Here are our top five tips for the perfect Tasmanian apple pie. Your taste buds will thank us later…

Keep it cool

The quality of your pastry will either make or break your treasured apple pie, and for the most golden, flakiest, truly heavenly buttery pastry, it is essential to keep all of your ingredients cold.

According to celebrity food critic, Matt Preston, flaky pastry is achieved when unmelted chunks of buttery goodness are pocketed between layers of dough.

When baked, these layers become irresistibly crumbly and scrumptious!

Choose the right apple

Not all apples are created equal, at least when it comes to the perfect apple pie.

So to do your apple pie recipe justice, it’s best to go for varieties that hold their shape and texture, and have a good balance between sweet, tart and tannic tones.

Pink Lady and Golden Delicious apples are great choices for people with a serious sweet tooth, while Granny Smiths are the best tart alternative.

Pair them up

What’s better than apple pie?

Apple pie with a glass of wine. What else?

A general rule of thumb when pairing wine with desserts is to choose a wine that is comparably sweet, with enough acidity to balance.

White wines like a Gewürztraminer or Chardonnay compliment the fruity and tart tones of the apple pie, while a late-harvest Pinot Noir will compliment the buttery pastry and caramelised apple filling.

Source it from the best

We’ve already established that Tasmania is the place where the good stuff grows, so if you really want to take your apple pie recipe to the next level, we suggest sourcing the “apple of your pie” from one of Tasmania’s many and varied farmers markets.

Renowned for their values of seasonality, provenance and community, markets like Farm Gate Market and Lilydale Village Market are no brainers for sourcing the finest and freshest local produce.

Not heading to Tassie any time soon? Ask your local supermarket or grocer. Tasmanian growers distribute their apples all over Australia and the world, making up 65% of Australia’s apple exports.

Spice it up

Don’t get us wrong, we love the classic apple pie as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s fun to spice things up with a fresh flavour combination.

How does salted caramel apple pie sound? Or what about apple and berry?

For the more adventurous try this spiced bourbon apple pie recipe, or if you’re feeling like a Picasso in the kitchen, try this decadent apple pie cronut, delicious apple pie pinwheel, or caramel apple cheesecake.

With good locally sourced ingredients, and a glass of Tasmanian Pinot on stand-by, the options are limitless!