Pinot noir grapes on a vine, Tasmania

A short history of Tasmania’s Pinot Noir industry

When an opium-farming Scotsman, Dr James Murdoch, was granted land in Coal River in 1822, no one could have predicted that almost 200 years later Tasmania would have gained an international reputation for producing premium cool climate wines… and grasp the title as Australia’s “Pinot Isle”. Here at Pinosity, it’s obvious we have a lot […]


World’s best wine lists for Pinotphiles

A lot of time, thought and knowledge goes into putting together a decent wine list and a great deal of enjoyment goes into consuming it. From clandestine New York hideaways, stylish London eateries, Parisian cafes, Taiwanese steakhouses, pubs, and grand silver service restaurants… the world and its watering holes are full of great wine lists. […]

The 5 reasons you should purchase Pinot Noir in a magnum

When you think of Grand Prix race drivers spraying each other with Champagne you think of large format bottles, and a magnum…the equivalent of two normal 750mL bottles…is usually the vessel of choice. So, is there a reason for magnums other than the myth that size matters? Our favourite Pinot Noir winemaker, Dalrymple Vineyards’ Peter […]