Pinosity Personality Test: What does your taste in wine say about you?

Have you ever bought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to a friend’s dinner party, only to be scoffed at for your poor taste?

So what if you like the summery flavours – the subtle passionfruit and pineapple aromas that make you feel like you’re lying on a beach somewhere? Is that a crime?

Put aside the bravado and be brave. Your taste in wine is completely subjective and at the end of the day, it’s all about personality.

According to a study of over 2,000 regular wine drinkers conducted in the UK, the personalities, social status and even income of those who drink red wine over those who prefer white or rosé are remarkably different.

So what does your taste in wine say about you?

If you start drinking Pinot Noir will you make more money and become more sexually attractive? Unlikely, but it’s certainly a good incentive!

So in the spirit of perpetuating stereotypes, Pinosity has come up with our very own wine personality test. How did we do?

Sauvignon Blanc
You’re silky, graceful, and just a little bit tart. You might come across as elegant and refined, but the people who really know you would say you’re a little bit naughty. You speak your mind, but that doesn’t stop you from showing a softer side when the need arises. You’re a wanderer, and have never really had a home, which is perhaps what makes you so resilient, sturdy and reliable.

If this reflects your taste in wine, you’ll love Dalrymple Vineyards’ Sauvignon Blanc.

You’re a glass half full. You have a spring in your step and are immediately approachable. You’re a loveable, reliable friend, sweet and sensitive. You’re balanced and in touch with your emotions. You’re structured, a bit sharp and acidic, but fun too, always up for a party: charming, disarming and dependable.

Try a nice cold Pewsey Vale Riesling to tickle your taste buds.

You like to think you’re of royal blood – bright, bold and beautiful. When you sashay past in your white linen attire, a waft of expensive aftershave or perfume fills the air – fresh cut nectarines, white petal and ginger. You’re powerful and discerning, smooth and serene, and with time you soften into a glowing, warm aristocrat.

If this is you, give Dalrymple Vineyards Cave Block Chardonnay a try.

You’re not a big talker, you like to sit back and let the conversation wash over you. You’re most comfortable on the land – earthy, dirty and dangerous. You’re a strong, silent type, and can even be a little closed off and elusive at first glance. That’s not to say you don’t open up when the time is right, and when you do, you can be intense. You really draw people in, focus on them, concentrate, listen, and take in every word. Over time, you let go and can be soft, silky, and rich, but you’re still highly complex.

Yalumba’s Patchwork Shiraz is the perfect drop for you!

Pinot Noir
You’re kind of a big deal. Polished, sleek, everyone wants to be your friend… and you can understand why. You’re bright, fun and when you walk into a room you lift the mood. You’re confident and ooze sex appeal, when you slink through the crowd everyone turns their heads. You’re the first one on the dance floor, and the last one to leave the party. Tall, dark, lively, and refreshing, you’re the one everyone wants to take home!

Try Dalrymple Vineyards’ Single Site Coal River Valley Pinot Noir