Pinot Days: Painting the town Pinot!

Painting the town Pinot

Pinot Days is touted as “the largest gathering of Pinot Noir producers in the world,” – a not uncommon boast from a country that has the “world’s best burgers” on every other street corner and calls its national baseball league championship The World Series.

In spite of this – or perhaps because of the compelling words “Pinot” and “Noir” splashed all over its website – Pinosity is prepared to give this aspirational wine event the benefit of the doubt.

Born ten years ago in San Francisco – just after the dot com collapse and just before the rise and rise again of Silicon Valley – Pinot Days launched what would become a decade of food and wine events focused on the much loved wine variety Pinot Noir.

Featuring the world’s best Pinot from the passionate, fascinating, and often eccentric winemakers who craft it, Pinot Days events now take place every year from the east to the west coast of the United States.

Giving Pinot lovers the opportunity to deepen their affection for the variety through one-day only wine lunches, dinners, events and Grand Festival tastings, Pinot Days provides a smorgasbord of Pinot Noir from a long list of national and international producers.

The premise of the event is simple – to gather hundreds of Pinot Noir winemakers into each city and to pour thousands of Pinots into the mouths of hoards of thirsty Pinot lovers around the US. Ranging from elegant drops to stinky natural wines that push the boundaries, Pinot Days is all about introduction and exploration.

Kicking off in Chicago this year on 21 March, more than 50 wine producers from California, Oregon and New Zealand flew into the Windy City to “paint the town Pinot”. After days of tastings at local boutique retail stores and Meet the Winemaker food and wine paired dinners, the event culminated in its Grand Festival tasting, held at the picturesque Navy Pier, on Lakeview Terrace.

Following the success of the Chicago event, the next Pinot Days will be held in its homeland of San Francisco, on 20 June.

Presenting more than 70 wine producers from California, Oregon, New Zealand and Burgundy, there will be scores of small, thematic, intimate events around the Bay leading up to its Grand Festival tasting at the Metreon, City View Room.

Then, cruising down the 101 to Los Angeles on 14 November, Pinot Days will entice southern Californians with more than 50 local producers, together with winemakers from Oregon and New Zealand.

Punters will enjoy Winemaker Pinot Pairings at restaurants and wine venues around he city. In LA’s case the Grand Festival tasting will be held on the west side of the city at the Skirball Cultural Center.

The final event in the series will plunge Pinot lovers into the new year with the second ever Pinot Days New York City tasting on 17 January 2016. More than 40 producers from California, Oregon and New Zealand will converge on lower westside Manhattan to taste the world’s best Pinot at City Winery, amongst some of the country’s finest restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Whether it’s the world’s largest, best, brightest or biggest Pinot Noir tasting, one thing Pinot Days can promise is an opportunity to introduce Pinot lovers to hundreds of exciting new wine producers from across the globe.