The perfect Pinot cheese


They make great Pinot Noir in Oregon, USA so it is not unlikely that Portland cheese monger Steve Jones should be able to pick the ideal cheese to complement Pinot.

One of his rules of thumb about wine and cheese pairing is to find a cheese that comes from the same region as the wine.

In Burgundy’s case that’s Comté a semi-firm French cheese made from cow’s milk – strong, slightly sweet but not overbearing.

Comté is made just 50 miles east of the legendary Burgundy vineyards and when you try it with a sip of the region’s famous Pinot there seems to be a nice, nutty, almond, hazelnut marriage going on.

At least that’s what Steve says.

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But does the same geographical trick work for Aussie Pinot?

Our closest cheese maker is the Pyengana Dairy Company and we reckon their creamy, crumbly 24 month old Tasty Cheddar is the perfect partner to our Dalrymple Pinot Noir.

Next time you are down our way drop in and have a chat to Jon and Lyndall Healey and enjoy a tasting experience at their Holy Cow Cafe.