Top 7 gourmet food clubs in Australia

Gourmet food clubs

There’s nothing like the perks of a food club. Membership can entail anything from priority access to events, new products delivered straight to your door, specials, and the feeling of belonging.

Consider yourself a foodie? These clubs and their members have gourmet produce on the brain.

Bruny Island Cheese Club

It doesn’t get better than cheese delivered to your doorstep, and that’s exactly what you get when you join the Bruny Island Cheese Club. The Tasmanian company uses traditional techniques to create artisan-inspired cheeses packed full of local character and top-notch milk from Glen Huon Dairy Co.

Sign up to the club and you’ll be sent special offers eight times a year. There’s no pressure to buy but it’s hard to resist. Every offer includes at least one cheese made and matured especially for club members which will not be available anywhere else. You can also send purchases anywhere in Australia as gifts. Your haul arrives in a chilled box with information sheets about how the cheese was made and how to store and use it.

Try: Oen (a soft cow’s milk cheese, washed in Pinot Noir before being wrapped in vine leaves and matured). Best accompanied by a glass of Dalrymple Vineyards’ Single Site Coal River Valley Pinot Noir.

Tasmanian Gourmet Online

Not a ‘club’ as such (there’s no membership involved), more something you want to be part of. This business sends the best of Tasmanian fodder across the nation. Tasmanian Gourmet Online is the brainchild of Duncan Garvey, a sixth generation Tasmanian. The website boasts more than 400 products from 40-plus Tasmanian producers. Simply point and click to buy cheese (the vegan cheese selection is particularly impressive), locally made quince paste, Tasmanian grown walnuts, fresh Tasmanian garlic, truffles, jams, jellies, spices, seafood, crackers, sweets, and Huon Pines products such as cheese boards and picnic planks.

Try: Coal River Farm Triple Cream Brie with Dalrymple Vineyards’ Cave Block Chardonnay.

Tasmanian Gourmet Online

Society of Bacon Believers

Membership for Fat Pig Farm’s bacon-devoted club is coveted. So much so, it’s completely chock-a-block and there’s a waiting list involved. According to the team, the limited nature of what they breed means they are unable to extend their membership. Understandably they have very few drop-outs. So, a waiting game it is.

The lucky ones are on a private mailing list and receive offers of cold smoked free-range bacon and a few special creations (think cider cured, or bacon smoked over peach wood), that change and evolve along with other bacon friendly condiments. It also offers the chance to book priority seats at special events such as Fat Pig Farm’s Friday Feasts and exclusive access to farm produce.

At $50 it’s a steal – if you’re willing to wait it out. If patience isn’t your virtue, drop into the farm in south Tassie, or take inspiration from Trade It For Bacon, a brilliant idea by a bacon-obsessed producer in South Australia. He swaps his bacon for a variety of items: from custom shoes, sunglasses, and music festival tickets. Everybody wins.

Try: Scallops wrapped with bacon alongside a glass of Dalrymple Vineyards’ Sauvignon Blanc.

Beechworth Honey Club

A club dedicated to the little guys and the honey they produce. The Beechworth Honey Club offering includes a hive-to-home experience such as limited edition products and exclusive events.
The family business in northeast Victoria has more than 120 years of apiculture experience and produce more than 40 varietals of the delicious sticky stuff. Imagine the postie delivering you a piece of natural honeycomb immersed in pure Beechworth Honey. Brilliant. The Honey Club is obligation free and you can unsubscribe any time you like. The Honey Club e-newsletter contains product updates, news and early access to new recipes, events, and products. Sweet.

Try: Take your cheese platter to new heights with honey and nuts, or raw honeycomb. Wash it down with Dalrymple Vineyards’ Tasmanian Pinot Noir.

Goodness Me Box

This is the kind of food club that keeps your pantry stocked with interesting nibbles (and makes you feel like Christmas arrives every month). The concept is simple. Each month, a Goodness Me Box arrives containing between seven and 10 boutique health products and samples. The selection is endorsed by practitioners and personalised for your dietary requirements. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low sugar… no problem. It’s a bit like a lucky dip. You don’t know what you’re getting until it arrives. You do, however, know they’ll be free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, synthetic trans-fats, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, flavours, colours, and additives. Edibles range from teff grain, organic rice malt syrup, coco almond, to coconut water and sweet (healthy) treats. Membership costs $25 per month and you can cancel anytime.

Try: Beef carpaccio with Red Island Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (a Goodness Me Box regular) and parmesan. Match it with Dalrymple Vineyards’ Single Site Swansea Pinot Noir for a flavour hit.

Beefsteak and Burgundy

Love food paired with decent conversation? This Australia-wide Beefsteak and Burgundy club is for you. “The Club” as it is known, is devoted to the appreciation of good food and wine and has been since it was was established in 1954.

The founding fathers comprised winemakers or wine marketers and more than 190 branch clubs are now scattered across Australia and overseas. Members catch up regularly to enjoy fine food, wine, and discussion, but it’s not as simple as joining – potential members need to be referred by an existing member. Most of the branches are men-only, though mixed and ladies-only clubs do exist.

Try: Dalrymple Vineyards’ Single Site Ouse Pinot Noir. Only the best for this lot.

Hops To Home Beer Club

Brews from across the globe delivered straight to your door. This nationwide beer club is a great way to expand your palate and try something new. Each month, 10 craft beers are sent to you (five types in total) with tasting notes and information about the breweries and the beer. They have a thing for IPA’s, Pale Ales, Session IPA’s and Stouts. It’s a mystery box (that’s half the fun) but in March 2018, the selection comprised: Bad Shepherd Brewing Co’s Reserve Rd Draught (Czech Bohemian-style Pilsner) Little Bang Brewing Co’s Icon, Mr Banks Brewing Co’s Wheeze the Juice IPA (New England), Yeastie Boys Digital IPA (Wellington), and Wolf Of The Willows’ Acidulus III – Neu Hallertau Sauer. Hops To Home membership is $59.95 a month plus $9.95 shipping. Alternatively, a 20 can pack is available.

Try: Passionfruit Belgian Pale Ale. Intriguing.


It would be remiss of us not to mention our very own club here at Pinosity! It’s not only free to join, when you subscribe to Pinosity you’ll receive regular updates on all things Pinot and Dalrymple, including events, vintage updates, articles and invitations.

Try: Taste your way around Tassie with Dalrymple Vineyards’ collection of single site Pinot Noir wines crafted from their Cottage Block in Pipers River, down to the Coal River Valley in the South.